Alyssa like to make people believe that she always thinks of her kid and puts her kid first when it’s the exact opposite. She’ll just pick up and ditch her kid for months to go get high and fuked by some dude she doesn’t even know because she likes the high and the way she feels when any guy gives her any attention. She sits on her a*5 all day everyday and complains about having no money for her kid, she refuses to get a job or admit the fact she spends every penny on herself before realizing that she has a kid to feed. She lets her daughter scream for hours on end while she smokes dope in front of her and blows smoke into the room while her toddler is sitting right next to her. She tries to play victim and say that no one likes her and she doesn’t know why she can’t keep a friend around. When she’s the one that constantly uses them for their money or to make them watch her kid while she gets d**k and drugs, so much to the point where her kid calls her friends mom more than her. Her kid is more attached to the people she’s destroyed friendships with and can’t figure out why her old friends only ever miss her kid. She also breaks the rules of her own living agreements to have guys over and doesn’t care about the consequences that could happen (loosing her kid) all cuz she needs that abusive dude in her life to make her feel amazing.