HEY DE! I know you can dust this chip off my shoulder…. Yo, I’ve been smashing this girl for YEARS, she’s always fighting my wife online and acting crazy in love with me…. My dude showed Nadia’s Instagram where she posted she’s engaged to this guy Keshav Sharma which I found HILARIOUS because she’s always told me that’s her gay friend from high school!!!!! I went to go look myself and realized shorty blocked me from all the “couple” posts and highlights because she’s probably planning to continue smashing me!!!! Marriage doesn’t mean diddly squat to this floozy or she wouldn’t be messing with a married man like me!!!!!!! We JUST hooked up while her dude was at his bachelor party in Vegas bro!!!!!!!!!! 😬😬 It ain’t fair honestly, she told my wife everything hoping she’d leave me and Nad can have me to herself but it didn’t work and now her dude gets to live in lalaland thinking she’s all innocent?? Do you know how many clinic visits she had for me even one illegal ab0rt1on at 22 weeks???? She even gave me and my wife stds in the past after a trip!!!!!!!! Guess I’m returning the favor! It’s my duty to tell her spouse like she told mine. Congratulations Nadia baby, please don’t wear white on your wedding day, it would be a big